Trenance Farm Cottages

Mullion, Helston, Cornwall

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Holiday Cottages in Cornwall
Holiday Cottages in Cornwall
Holiday Cottages in Cornwall
 3 to 4 stars
 3 to 4 stars

There are many places you can visit with your dog whilst staying on the lizard.

Dogs are welcome any time during the year at Mullion Cove and at some of the beaches on the Lizard. There is also the coastpath winding its way around the coast, the quiet estuary walks of Frenchman's Creek and Tremayne Quay, Loe Pool and the Loe (Loe Bar) and Goonhilly Downs.

Beaches for Dogs

Dog bans apply on most of the family swimming beaches around the Lizard from Easter Day until October 1st. The bans do not apply to guide dogs. On other beaches dogs are welcome any time including from Easter Day until October 1st.

Dog Friendly Beaches with all year access

The beaches shown below are all dog friendly, allowing all year access including from Easter Day until October 1st.

Move your mouse over the labels on the map below for information about the listed beaches.


Pentreath beach is a narrow strip of sand, pebbles and rocks due west of Lizard Village. There is no parking here and so access may be a problem for the less able. Cars should be left at Lizard Village or at Kynance Cove. Overlooked by many on their way to Kynance or to the most southerly point. There are no facilities here. Not for the faint-hearted as the cliff path can be quite treacherous.
 Mullion Cove


Walk across the fields from Trenance Farm to Mullion Cove. Enjoy the views from both the cliff tops looking down at the small harbour and from down in the harbour with the cliffs high above you. A slipway leads down to the beach and at low tide a slippery cave leads to another small cove. There is a Cafe. Toilets and parking are available a short walk away. Boat trips may be arranged.
 Loe Bar


Loe Bar is a sandbank created by storms which cut off the Cober Valley from the sea. The bar was formed in the 12th century and until then merchant ships could sail up the estuary as far as Helston. Beside Loe Bar is Loe Pool, the largest freshwater lake in Cornwall. Here the distance between Loe Pool and the sea is about 200 yards.


Cadgwith is actually two small beaches separated by a small narrow headland known as the Todden. The southwestern most beach is the 'pleasure' beach and is also known as Little Cove which has a dog ban during the season. The slightly larger northeastern beach which is open to dogs throughout the year is the working beach and with fishing boats and other assorted small craft.
 Carleon Cove


Carleon Cove is now a deserted rocky cove with a few ruined remains of what was once a busy pilchard fishery and cellar and serpentine works. It is of interest to geologists and naturalists.


This small east facing beach is overlooked by an attractive fishing village. Toilets and refreshments located in the village.
 Porthoustock Beach


Porthoustock Beach is a relatively small, east-facing beach on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall. The crescent-shaped, sand and shingle beach at Porthoustock is a popular destination for divers intending to explore the many shipwrecks off the beach. The large number of shipwrecks at Porthoustock is due to the presence of 'The Manacles', a dangerous granite reef.
 Porthallow Beach


Porthallow is a small, unspoilt fishing village situated on the east coast of the Lizard Peninsula, near to the Helford River. It is an ideal location for those wishing to relax and escape the pressures of everyday life. The pebble beach is directly in front of the village of Porthallow. Once a busy fishing village with a thriving pilchard fleet there are only a few working boats left here.

Further details of when and where the dog bans apply can be found with the following link:

Beach Guide for Dogs and Their Owners